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Natural campsite de Oude Boomgaard

Zuid-Linschoterzandweg 21

NL — 3425 EM Snelrewaard   (municipality of Oudewater)

The Netherlands

Telephone + 31 348 560071

For e-messages, please, use the form on the Contact page.


Camping in a natural environment, like it was in the old days. Would that be possible in the densely populated Netherlands?

Find your rest in the wide Green Heart of the Western Holland conurbation, in an old-time country orchard with apple and pear varieties from bygone days, but also with plum, cherry and walnut trees. ‘Oude Boomgaard’ means ‘Old Orchard’. It belongs to a former farm along the small river Lange Linschoten, which makes up the coiling axis of what cannot even be termed a hamlet. In this tranquil environment we are eager to maintain a peaceful atmosphere which brings you back to agricultural Holland of half a century ago. Life at a slow pace is what the Oude Boomgaard wishes to offer.

From the Second World War onward people came to camp in the Oude Boomgaard. For many years this was ‘agricultural camping’, for the orchard belonged to a dairy farmstead. Now that there are no cows any longer – but we are certainly not without animals! – the Oude Boomgaard was entitled to become an official Natural campsite. It is a pleasant and simple site to camp on, with space for 15 ‘units’ altogether. Because of the fruit trees and their limited height it is only suitable for tents. The Oude Boomgaard cannot accommodate caravans, dormobiles or motor homes.

No canteen, no bingo. We do have an original ‘scrub house’ (boenhok) next to the stoop ditch (stoepsloot), with a fine hot shower in it, and two toilets. All is adequate but quite unpretentious. The real camper does not need more. Attractions around you are the vast green meadows with horizons, donkeys Nina and Isabel, cat Wifi, and a bunch of chickens.

The polders in this part of Holland are beautiful and grand. We are located in the area called Lopikerwaard, on the border of the provinces Utrecht en Zuid–Holland, which is a dorado for cyclists. Oude Rijn, Hollandsche IJssel, Lek, Vlist, Korte Linschoten and Lange Linschoten are the names of the rivers by which this region is intersected. The Lopikerwaard is also the realm of Herman de Man (1898–1946), a Dutch author who in his novels and stories has immortalized this region and its inhabitants.

Near to the Oude Boomgaard you will find among other things the estate Landgoed Linschoten (partly accessible) with teagarden de Schapenlaan, horse-hostel het Oude Water and cheese farm de Vliethoeve. A bit farther away are situated picturesque Linschoten, Montfoort, Woerden, silver town Schoonhoven, monumental IJsselstein, the historic cheese city of Gouda, and of course storks’ and witches’ refuge Oudewater. On your way from the Oude Boomgaard to Oudewater you can take a break in teagarden de Kwakel.

Oudewater is the oldest city in the Green Heart of Holland (no railway station!) and it is internationally famous for its atmospheric town centre, where one feels as if entering the Dutch Golden Age. High from the tower of the impressive church of Saint Michael’s the sonorous carillon sheds its notes on streets, alleys and houses. After many years of infertility the storks on the old city hall managed to produce offspring in 2001, and they continued to do so almost yearly. From Great Britain, France, the United States, Korea, and many other countries people know how to find Oudewater, where they have themselves weighed in de Heksenwaag (Witches’ Weighing House). If it is established that one is not a witch, a ‘certificaet van weginghe’ (weighing certificate) is issued that functions as a safe conduct. 

Oudewater is not only known for her storks and Witches’ Weighing House, but also because of the local rope industries which were based on the regional cultivation of hemp. It is worthwhile to visit the town’s rope museum, Touwmuseum de Baanschuur. The inhabitants of Oudewater are still called yellowbellies (geelbuiken), because handling the hemp used to colour the rope-workers’ aprons yellow. In this small but attractive museum the past labour of hemp-growing farmer and rope-maker is brought to life by objects, video, and other materials. You can twist your own rope there!

In this area much waits for you to be seen and experienced, and there are excellent opportunities for walking, cycling, and boating.


Hungry for culture or city life? Take your bike and cycle from the Oude Boomgaard across the estate Landgoed Linschoten to Woerden railway station (approximately 20 minutes). The train will take you in 15 minutes to Utrecht, in 40 to The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and in 30 minutes to Leyden. These are cities with old town centres, except for harbour town Rotterdam, and museums and shops galore!

We welcome cyclists who make a tour of the Netherlands. Natural campsite the Oude Boomgaard is a convenient stop-off place within the Green Heart of the Western Holland conurbation.


In 2020 we are open from April 1st until October 1st.  Cf. our pricelist below.


Is there still space for the tent? In order to be sure, call Anja van Mastwijk at +31 348 560071. You can also use the form on the Contact page. For the Ascension weekend (21–24 May) and Whitsuntide (28 May–1 June) making a reservation as well as pre-payment of half of the total charge are compulsory.


Attention!  Natural campsite the Oude Boomgaard is open to holders of a Natural Camping Card, issued by the Stichting Natuurkampeerterreinen, also available at our campsite.



Prices per night 2020


€ 7,00

Baby (0–1 yr)


Child (2–11 yr)

€ 4,00

Youngster (12–18 yr)

€ 6,00

Daytime visitor 

€ 2,00


€ 6,00

Trailer tent

€ 7,00

Camper van not over 2000 kg

we cannot admit caravans, campers or dormobiles 

€ 7,00

Hiking tent or additional small tent

€ 4,00


€ 2,00


€ 2,00


€ 2,00

Prolonged stay.  Arrivals and departurres are 12.00–13.00 hr. If you would like to stay until 18.00 hr (6.00 PM) and there is sufficient space available, a charge of half a night is applicable.


Prices including tourist taxes



(membership card) for 1 family or 4 persons, valid for 144 natural camp sites during one camping season (year)

€ 15,95



Sorry, no pets admitted!!


de Oude Boomgaard


De foto’s op deze webstek werden gemaakt door Leen Vlasblom en Anja van Mastwijk.